Belkis Ayón Estate


Created in 2003, by PhD. Katia Ayón Manso, the Estate has establish as his principal objectives:
• To promote the artist`s plastic work
• Preserve and restore the printed works
• Preserve and restore the matrixes.
• Create the Belkis Ayón`s Space.


Since the creation of the Estate, Belkis Ayón´s work has been presented in numberless collectives and personals exhibitions inside and outside Cuba.This proves the importance of her work for our national culture.

In occasion of 7th National Encounter of Printmaking, organized by The Experimental Workshop of Graphic of Havana, was conferred the BELKIS AYÓN AWARD to one of the contestants of second curse of Plastic Art’s National Academy San Alejandro.

In 2009, the Estate realized the first anthological exhibition of the artist in San Francisco´s Convent in Old Havana.

In 2010, we made possible a very significative and transcendental project for her work, the book Nkame. Belkis Ayón, realized by Turner Editorial of Madrid, with the participation on important researchers and arts critics as José Veigas Cristina Vives, David Mateo, Lázara Menéndez, Orlando Hernández, Eugenio Valdés, and others that exalted with great vision the artist’s prints.


Futures projects based in continue promoting Belkis´s legacy in order to transcend in future generations of artists and transform the printmaking in a mayor art which occupy the place he deserves as a plastic arts manifestation.