Interdisciplinary curse for improve the skills of English language

February 11, 2015
THumberto Figueroa, Director del Museo de Cayey

This year, the Cayey´s Museum in Puerto Rico, was the selected location for a final exam of an interdisciplinary curse for improve the skills of English language. In this occasion, the exam consisted in choose and talk in English about one piece of an exhibition of the art collection of Antonio Martorell. This exhibition responds to the concept of the artist-collector, developed by Martorell. He affirms, for variables reasons, that sometimes artists are the people with more important art collection in them countries.
The mystery character on the image is a student who selected Belkis Ayón´s piece, and covered his face alluding the piece represented by him. In this case, the young man speaks about the work and her author, describing his opinion about the representation of the mystery, the thinks hidden or unknowns in Belkis´s work.

Information provided by: Humberto Figueroa, Director of the Cayey´s Museum.

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