Proposal after 20 years

December 7, 1988
Servando Cabrera Moreno Art Gallery, Havana, Cuba
The Supper, Sikán, Mokongo, The master of the secret

Catalog’s text.

We are simply between two worlds, in which fantasy, THE FABULOUS, are the key words.

If you were to set aside for an instant the virtuosities of the printmaker, which can be seen everywhere, and you were to avoid a certain illustrative character, not because these things are negligible, but because I would like to take you to the center of expression, we would then face the poetic message directly, a message based on harmony, lyricism at play with aestheticism, reasoning and quests, turning the vision of reality into a delicate piece for flute and clarinet. Everything is unwrapped as the illustration of a story: in Isary, the characters, like mischievous elves, are distributed following kaleidoscopic whims, interpreting, I believe, the role of the only saviors of a world that increasingly needs and wishes for the arrival of some representative of the magic world capable of transforming it. Spielberg? Neo-infantilism?
Just like Isary, Belkys1 plays in her work with mystery, taken from such perfect figurations, of peacefully and pleasant colors, which awaken disquiet. But suddenly we have the sensation that we are facing an idealization, before too much tenderness, almost in a peaceful dream, in this unreal picture that cannot continue, that cannot be, that is going to explode in one instant .
Perhaps none of these two interpretations are valid, but that is of no import, they are in the style accepted by expressive centers, surrounded by the display of an arsenal of  irreproachable techniques and know-how. Because some of them could remain there, in the resplendent quality of a finished product.  However, this finish is nothing more but the surface of the art of these enchantresses.

Elements well managed by the magician to incorporate them to an illusion. Hence, what is exhibited is the sense of a force that in the words of Isary and Belkis, in their proposals, have a meticulous, well thought and calculated presentation, in order to inspire security or a very polished security that becomes virtually fragile.

Aldo Menéndez

1 – In this text, the author wrote the name as Belkys, something that we have respected. However, the correct name is Belkis (Note from the Estate).

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