The Ayón’s Space

The Ayón’s Space, original idea of PhD. Katia Ayón, was a project presented to the Cuban cultural instances in 2004, on the fifth anniversary of the physical disappearance of the artist. It was thought as a permanent space for the exhibition and conservation of Belkis´s graphic art and as a place of promotion and support to young printmakers, one of the missions assumed by Belkis form her condition of exceptional pedagogue. Numerous artists and intellectuals, especially Antonio Martorell and Humberto Figueroa supported this idea, which still waiting for his materialization, arguing from different perspectives the necessity of its foundation.

• To present a permanent exhibition of the artist work.
• To promote the work of young artist that has a principal line of work printmaking.
• Offer summer courses to national and international young artists.
• Create the National Concourse of Colography Belkis Ayón, that allows the participation of young and distinguish creators from Cuba and the outside in collaboration with others art institutions.
• To strength the bonds with near community to integrate it in the activities of Ayón´s Space.
• Allow the public access to the valuable bibliography property of Belkis Ayón, to: students, artists, historians, anthropologists, etnographers, teachers…

The origin of Ayón´s Space flow in a natural way, by the evident necessity of a place dedicated to the promotion of printmaking beyond the protective’s doors of academy or workshop. From different tribunes Belkis defended the idea and never as today it becomes more urgent. So her retrospective becomes the ideal pretext to insist in those topics and made it through the best way: putting them into practices.

It is so the rooms of the third floor of the Convent of San Francisco from Asis will become, at least for three months, into a space where the young graphic production is inserted, at the same time that allows the dialogue with the vitality and contemporary of Belkis´s work and its pedagogic postulates. It will be a real “face to face” between students and professors.

Anyelmaidelín Calzadilla, Osmeivy Ortega, Orlando Montalván, Aliosky García and Octavio Irving, next to other artists will begun this first dialogue on the roads of contemporary engraving. Not all of them were Belkis´s students – even some of them only had occasional encounters with her – but the influences, not only in the style but also in the artistic impulse, are present in all them.

Without the intention of making of the Ayón´s Space a cult moment, but based on the respect and mutual admiration, these belong the personal homage from this group of artists to Belkis Ayón. A fair recognition to a humanist woman whose commitment with art will make her remains in the history.

Taken from: Cristina Figueroa. Belkis Ayón: the privilege of the permanency.


Falloų by Octavio Irving

November 24, 2009 to November 28, 2009 Saloon I, 3th Floor, Convent of San Francisco from Asis, Havana, Cuba Octavio Irving (Havana, 1978). Graduate of the Higher Institute of Art in the specialty of printmaking. Professor of San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts. He was awarded mention in the 6th and 7th National Printmaking […]