Unterstütze mich, halte mich hoch, im Schmerz. Belkis Ayón/Sostenme en el dolor

November 7, 1995
Kirche St. Barbara, Breinig, Germany

Kirche St. Barbara, Breinig, Germany.
Curator: Helmo Hernández, Ludwig Foundation, Cuba
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Becker, Ludwig Forum Aachen.
Organizer: Vennakademie, Breinig
Ludwig Foundation Cuba
LTU (International Airways)
Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Nordrhein-Westfalen
Naturstein-Aufbereitungs GmbH, Stolberg
Sparkasse Aachen
Herrn Prof. Dr. Drs. h.c. mult  Peter Ludwig
Herrn Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Becker.Catalog’s text:

“Among the artists that develop the topic of God in their paintings, Belkis Ayón fascinates us for several reasons. She comes from Cuba, and the population which originally came from Africa in the island has achieved with Santeria an special mixture of Christian icons with the orishas of the Yoruba religions. Belkis Ayón, who deals with these topics, began her artistic career in the 1980’s, when a new vision on religions and their importance in the life of humankind developed around the world   And in Cuba’s socialist state this occupation has a meaning: the contradiction present in the religious paintings enriches the political practice. Belkis Ayón is a draftswoman and printmaker of a precision, subtlety and perfection rarely seen. And however, this wish for perfection is not in the service of finding any type of beauty, but a respectful contradiction in works full of disquiet and dignity” (Wolfgang Becker, in: Belkis Ayón, Halte mich hoch… (Breining, 1995).

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