“Witches, but also warlocks”

October 6, 2014


Under the title “Witches, but also warlocks”, the space that drawn together at the Museum of Maniac Art, exhibit in this days a sui generis exposition that fuses art with the rites religious believers of different point of the planet.

Celebrating his twenty years, this space for creation and expositions, directed by the artist Sandra Ceballos, brought together nearly fifty people in this exhibition where spirits, amulets, orishas, paranormal event sand energy are the protagonists.

Artists, esoteric astrologers, researchers, healers, ritualists, believers, practitioners, both Cuban and foreign mystics invoke magic, sensuality and spirituality through various techniques, styles, textures, genres and expressive possibilities both conventional and experimental.

The show conformed by 38 works, can be appreciated until finals of this month in the colonial house of Alfredo Ramos in Línea street, number 106, permanent seat of Manic Art Museum in Havana.

Sandra Ceballos says to OnCuba Magazine that the exhibition is not trying to show religious or folk art. The artistic intention is digging in the enigmatic presence of the “Eggun or dead as a matrix of all psychophysical clandestine phenomena legitimize and qualify precisely these intelligent energies not guilty of egocentric and possibly more authentic and spontaneous than the material world.”

“Defending his spokesmen, historically discriminated and repressed by’science’. It inquire into the’steamy intervention’ spiritin life, that’s the goal,” she added.
Witches …puts the consideration of unbelievers and believers an extensive catalog, impossible to visualize and enjoy everything at once. Features works by renowned intellectuals and artists like the researcher NataliaBolívar, who exhibited his voodoo olls in a glass case, called “Five Spirits”.
They can appreciate a facility with as his from human cadavers, Ivan Perera, its immanent series. Digital prints Álvaro José Brunet, Susan Bank, Rodney Batista also integrated to the sample alongside works by Javier Alejandro Bobadilla Díaz, José Bedia and Juan Francisco Elso.

Of Tania Bruguera, the exhibition shows a video installation that records the petition to the Pope to support the immigrants and undocumented immigrants to apply for citizen ship Vatican City 2014.You can also see an interesting photograph of the Columbus Cemetery, in silver on exhibits gelatin, 1983. Pedro Abascal, Santiago Rodríguez Olazábal, recognized by address in religious themes in his work, contains a large format poster board: “The evil you went under.” A videoprojection of Marta Maria Perez Bravo, one of the most spiritual parts undoubtedly included. The installation “EPD” Jose Angel Vincench: gold dust on linens and candles and a picture of the National Award forArtsTalksManuelMendive, 2010, are other major attractions ofthe selection.

The Canadian duo The Fastwurms (Kim Kozzi and DaiSkuse), with its medieval witches costumes, including conical hat, arrived with his “Love is Law”, installation of variable dimensions: a large spider webmade of blackbras. Also memorable are”Kingin competent” Hugo Consuegra, ink and pen on cardboard (1959) and the work of Roberto Diago, “Reason forest,” a mixed media on masonite, 1993, of great vitality and expression as much of their work.
Aglutinador space will exhibit genuine and transgressive art as “ER” and autonomous space for the promotion and development of Visual Arts, explains its founder:

“This exhibition continues the work of our room for anything exclusive to disclose witch craft world since the dawn of humanity to the present day, passing through the traditions, religions, spells, incantations and philosophies of different sites and historical moments. As already demonstrated in the past, Aglutinador always being renovated to create alternative projects to its alternatives “said Sandra.

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